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  1. Brush and floss teeth as normal.
  2. Blot dry the front surface of teeth.
  3. Whilst retracting the lips, apply a thin layer of Pola Paint gel to the front

surfaces of the teeth, re-loading brush as required.

  1. After application do not let your lips touch your teeth for 30 seconds.
  2. Leave Pola Paint gel on teeth for 30 minutes. Do not eat or drink during

this time to maximize results.

  1. At the end of 30 minutes, remove the Pola Paint gel by brushing with a

tooth brush.

  1. Use Pola Paint twice a day for 14 days.

For best results, one of the daily treatments should be applied before going

to bed, allowing the Pola Paint to stay on overnight. When not in use,

firmly replace cap to prevent gel from drying out.


Additional information

Pola Luminate


Pola paint is a fluoride releasing mint-flavoured paint on teeth whitening system. Within seconds, you can apply Pola Paint directly onto your teeth,  whenever you wish!  The fast drying whitening gel forms a clear invisible film on your teeth – no one will notice, so you can continue your normal routine without anyone knowing you are whitening your teeth at the same time!

Keep it in you handbag or top pocket! It’s stronger than products available in the supermarket or pharmacy – so, it will work better and faster! Pola Paint is the perfect product to maintain your white smile.

Pola Paint contains 8% carbamide peroxide.