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Our Technology

Upon relocating and fitting out our new practice in March 2020, we have also invested in upgrading and expanding our state-of the art technology. We only use the very best materials and equipment that carry global recognition for excellence. With all our procedures we adhere to best practice guidelines and utilise advanced technology and techniques to give you the absolute best possible outcome.

To ensure we deliver the best possible result

  • For your convenience and safety we have the latest equipment to ensure radiation is minimised. All our digital x-rays are taken in house and available instantly to immediately assess and plan your dental needs.

  • Is a small camera that we use to take high quality photos inside your mouth. During your appointment we display these photos on a computer monitor for you to see. We use these photo images to explain areas of concern, to help plan your treatment and to give you a better understanding of your dental requirements.

  • Our low dose OPG gives a panoramic view of the upper and lower jaw from ear to ear. It gives us information of the teeth and bones of the upper and lower jaw, jaw joints (TMJ) and sinus areas. It is also helpful in identifying impacted wisdom teeth or prior to commencing orthodontic work.

  • Is an advanced dental technique to help patients co-design their perfect smile with our dentits. It enables patients to clearly visualise their outcome. It involves taking a series of photos which create a virtual 3D image of your new smile before treatment begins. (Link back to DSD in cosmetic dental section).

  • Improved patient outcomes as it locates and avoids veins which in tern reduced bruising. There is a reduction in healing time as it optimises injection site selection for our wrinkle relaxant treatments.

  • Produces a digital 3D map of your mouth. This eliminates the need for taking uncomfortable impressions or moulds of your teeth. The 3D digital diagram or blue print of your mouth can then be used to make clear aligners such as Invisalign, crowns, veneers or night splints.


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