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Mouth Guards

A mouth guard protects your teeth from wear and tear, grinding, or the shock experienced by a blow to the face.

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what is a mouth guard?

They help prevent injury to the mouth or jaw, and can help avoid expensive treatment for damage caused by grinding or injury. We provide a wide range of mouth guards for all ages and needs. To have your custom mouth guard professionally fitted, please make an appointment.

do I need a mouth guard?

Any adult or child who plays a contact sport needs a mouthguard to protect their teeth. If you clench or grind your teeth, you may also need a mouth guard to wear while sleeping, to prevent further damage.

If you’ve previously had orthodontic treatment, it’s likely your dentist has recommended a retainer or guard to keep your teeth in position. Wearing a retainer correctly helps keep teeth in their corrected positions and avoids undoing progress.


Sports Mouth Guards from $180

Custom-fitted sports mouthguards are recommended to protect your teeth against impact. They are designed to absorb shock and limit movement from direct hits. Best of all, you can choose from a multitude of colours!

Grinding Splints from $725

Protect your teeth against bruxism and night time grinding with a thick customized grinding splint

Retainers $180 per arch

Stop your teeth from moving with a personalized orthodontic retainer and/or splint. After you complete your orthodontic treatment with us at Vogue Dental Studios, you will be provided with x2 complementary sets of upper and lower retainers. If for any reason, you lose or break your retainers, a replacement fee will be charged per arch.

Bleach Trays $299

We also offer custom-fitted bleaching trays.

Trays – $299

Including Bleach – $350


Swipe your health fund and just pay the gap. We accept all private insurance and process on-the-spot HICAPS claims. Not sure about your coverage? Ask your health fund about periodic checkups and cleans.

How long will it take?

2 appointments are required. At the first appointment, we will examine your teeth and take impressions of your mouth for the mouth guard – takes about 30mins

At the second appointment, your new mouth guard/s will be fitted – takes 15/30 minutes

Can I just buy a mouth guard over the counter?

There are “over the counter” types of mouth guards available such as “ boil-and-bite” and ready to wear pre-formed mouth guards. Although these may seem like an easier, cheaper option, you get what you pay for. These tend to fit poorly due to insufficient and uneven thickness of the material and they provide inadequate protection. The custom-made mouthguards we make are custom-laminated providing the best protection due to their comfort, close fit, and cushioning (shock absorption) effect. They may cost a little more but will provide your teeth with the greatest protection against injuries.

When can my child wear a mouth guard?

When it comes to tooth grinding, unlike adults, children who grind are rarely prescribed mouth guards to wear at night. Most children who suffer from grinding (bruxism) outgrow the condition on their own without the need for special treatment. Usually, grinding lessens between the ages 6-9 and completely stops by the age of 12.

Sports mouth guards should be worn once your child begins playing sport, as early as 5 yrs old. Our custom-made mouth guards are based on a detailed mold taken of the mouth and teeth. Because of their superior fit custom-made mouth guards also provide better protection than their cheaper counterparts. Children are more likely to wear a custom-made mouth guard over boil-and-bites because they fit better, making them more comfortable and less likely to impede breathing.

The best time to buy a mouth guard is at the beginning of the sports season. If you go custom-made, the mouth guard will last 12 – 18 months.

Children’s mouths do change a great deal over a year, so when we make your child’s custom mouthguard we aim to accommodate for a year’s growth, allowing room for teeth to move and grow

Aside from doing a better job of protecting your kids’ teeth, custom-made mouth guards are also more fun. Kids can customise their mouth guard to match their favourite team’s colours.

How do I care for my mouth guard?

Clean your mouth guard in warm soapy water (not hot) after every time you wear it to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Store your mouth guard in a plastic container that has several holes so it can dry completely, this will prevent the bacterial growth.

Do not leave your mouth guard in direct sunlight or in a car, as heat can warp it out of its original shape.

Do not chew on the edges, twist or bend your mouth guard as this can alter its shape and prevent it from fitting snugly over your teeth and therefore, reduce its effectiveness.

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