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Gum Lifting

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What is gum laser surgery?

Gum lifting and reshaping is a simple procedure to correct a ‘gummy’ smile or uneven gum line. It involved laser-trimming areas of the gums to alter the size and shape of the tooth area, and is usually done in a single visit. A gum lift can immediately improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

The Service

For all cosmetic procedures we start with a consultation. We will discuss your suitability for gum laser surgery and what option best suits your needs and circumstances. If you are suitable for gum laser surgery and choose to proceed, the surgery can be performed in the same appointment or at a later time.


The cost of gum surgery will vary for each indiviual case, which is dependant on the amount of treatment rrequired. As a guide, the cost ranges between $80 – $200 per tooth.

Do gums grow back after gum laser surgery?

Sometimes, your gums can grow back after gum laser surgery. After surgery, we will generally see you again within two to four weeks to assess your healing and do further reo-contouring if required.

Does gum laser surgery hurt?

Gum laser surgery is most often pain-free. We ensure your comfort by giving you a local anaesthetic during the procedure and by providing sound-proof headphones and your favourite shows. While you may feel some tenderness and sensitivity after the numbing wears off, you shouldn’t experience any pain.

How long does it take for gum laser surgery to heal?

Gum laser surgery takes between one to three weeks to properly heal. There is minimal downtime required, and you are able to work and proceed with your usual activities the next day. Gentle brushing and soft, cool food are recommended.

Do you do gum grafts?

While we do not go gum grafts at this time, we’re happy to examine your mouth and refer you to a trusted specialist.

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