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As you are likely aware, there is an immediate lockdown in Perth from 6pm Sunday 31st January to 6pm Friday 5th February

As a result, the services we are permitted to provide over this week are restricted.

Please be aware we are still open during this time and continue to see all emergencies and some minor procedures.

If you have an appointment scheduled for this week we will be in contact to inform you if it must be rescheduled or if it can go ahead.



If you require urgent dental care and can not attend the practice, we are pleased to offer the option of video or telephone consultations.

Please call us on 9443 8333 or email if you have any questions or if you would like to book an appointment.


We hope you all stay safe and well

Dr Spiro and the Team at Dental Excellence

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Children’s Dentistry

All parents want their child’s first visit to the dentist to be a fun experience. At Dental Excellence, we make sure it’s a great one.



We recommend bringing children to their first appointment at two years of age. This gives them the chance to get used to the idea of meeting the dentist, going for a ride in the chair, and opening wide, all well before any treatment is performed.

We provide toys, games and gift tokens to keep children entertained, and are happy to answer any questions and offer any advice to parents.

Your child’s visit will include a thorough checkup and clean. Other general dental services if required may include X-Rays, fillings, fissure seals and more.

Setting your Children up with great teeth for life

One of the most important preventative treatments your child could need are fissure sealants. Fissure sealants are a protective, plastic coating that fill the grooves in the biting surface of teeth. This prevents the invasion of bacteria that causes tooth decay. Fissure sealants can help protect your child’s teeth for life from fillings.

Tips for encouraging good oral hygiene in your child

Baby teeth can decay just as adult teeth can. It’s important to start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they appear. This isn’t often as simple as it sounds. Try the following tips to help make brushing their teeth a fun and healthy activity.

  • Sit your child on your lap facing away from you
  • Cup their chin with their head resting on you
  • Brush in front of a mirror where they can look at what’s happening
  • Brush their teeth with a soft, child-sized tooth brush and water
  • Only use fluoride toothpaste for a child aged over two years
  • For children aged over three years, an amount of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice is adequate
  • Aim for two minutes of brushing. Try setting a timer, brushing to their favourite song, brushing during a commercial break, or setting up a reward chart.
  • Use floss to clean between the teeth once a day. Start flossing as soon as there are two teeth that touch. Floss sticks may be easier to use.
  • Change to a new toothbrush every three to four months.

Often a visit to the dentist can reinforce the importance of good oral hygiene, regular brushing and flossing. If you need a little extra support with this, contact us for further oral health education for children.


Child Check up and Clean (New patient)


*this does not include BWs (X-rays) $49 each
*HBF members plus no gap for Children’s check up and clean (most cases)

Child Check up and Clean (Existing patient)


*this does not include BWs (X-rays) $49 each
*HBF members plus there is no gap for Children’s check up and clean (most cases)


Depending on your healthfund, there may be no out of pocket expense.
Best to check with your health funds policy

If you receive a Government Benefit such as Family Tax Benefit Part A, your child may qualify for $1000 free KIDS dental. You can check this by calling Medicare on 132 011.


Swipe your health fund and just pay the gap. We accept all private insurance and process on-the-spot HICAPS claims. Not sure about your coverage? Ask your health fund about periodic checkups and cleans.

To make an appointment to visit us in our modern practice in Mount Hawthorn, call us on (08)-9443-8333 or book online.